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Visitor Comments

Visitor Comments
“Tony is an extraordinary man with an extraordinary collection. You must visit – come and enjoy.” Michael Ware. Eight years curator of the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu.
“Fascinating collection of vehicles, I am sure that it is beneficial educationally.” P.A.Barter, Aldro School, Shackleford, Godalming.
“Very pleasurable and interesting afternoon, will want to come again.” The National 39/45 Military Vehicle Group.
“With most collections you hear rumours of what a great collection it is, but usually they never live up to your expectations. But, your collection was much better than expected.”All Wheel Drive Club.
“I can only say I was amazed at the magnificent collection on display.” Invicta Military Vehicle Preservation Society.
“Go to the National Motor Museum or any other fine collection of motor vehicles and Tony Oliver’s establishment makes them look small, it is well worth making the effort even to see vehicles the only type of which are in existence.”Citroen Car Club.U.K.
“Well worth a visit, my only criticism is that there is to much displayed.” (Former) Military Vehicle Conservation Group.
“Enthralled with your collection of vehicles, certainly be paying a return visit. Enormously impressive.”Venture Scout Unit, Weybridge.
“Very much enjoyed the experience, the evening visit a success – the first, and I hope not the last !” Chilterns Jaguar Drivers Club.
“Looking around your “History on Wheels” Museum, I cant tell you how much they enjoyed themselves. Interesting and informative. A facility like yours would be an asset to any area.”Buckinghamshire County Council. Social Services Department.
“Thank you for providing such a lovely venue, we will certainly recommend you as a suitable rally site to other interested parties.” Ford Sidevalve Owners Club.
“Everyone I spoke to was very impressed with the exhibits on display at your lovely Museum. The field proved ideal for our Healey Gathering, and everyone had a great time.”Chairman Austin Healey Club, Thames Valley Centre.
“Had not realised what an extensive collection of military and veteran vehicles lay just on the doorstep.” Maidenhead Archaeological and Historical Society.
“Club member Tony Oliver has a great Museum with lots of interesting vehicles on display including a number of pre war Mercedes.”Mercedes Benz Owners Club. UK.
“Such a memorable occasion, ‘guided tour’ was quite superb.” South Hants Vehicle Preservation Society.
“We all enjoyed seeing your vehicles and other exhibits and congratulate you on the wonderful standard of everything there.” West Middlesex Amateur Motorcycle Club.
“Most interested in everything I saw.” Director, National Motor Museum.
“Most interesting and entertaining evening at the Museum, all our members thoroughly enjoyed it.”Lions Club of Windsor.
“I was fascinated and impressed by everything that I saw, and I am sure that goes for the whole group.” CSMA, North East London Group.
“Wonderful Museum, long may it continue. I can assure you further visits will be forthcoming.”The Morris Register. Chilterns Region.
“Such an interesting and informative tour of the Museum, members will be coming back with their grandchildren.” Phyllis Court Club, Classic Motoring Section. Henley.
“One could not but be caught up in the atmosphere, a marvellous evening.”President, Rotary Club of Bushey and Oxhey.
“Everyone that I spoke to after our visit expressed their satisfaction with the whole experience. Happily recommend the Museum to other people.” Chairman, Alfa Romeo Owners Club, Thames Valley Section.
“Fascinated by the exhibits. I shall recommend the Museum whenever I can.”The Hants & Berks Motor Club Ltd.
“Thank you for such a wonderful morning, they all enjoyed it so very much.” The Royal British Legion, Ashford (Middx) Branch.
“Very nostalgic. Remarkable.”B.John Mathews. WW2 Aircrew, his 1943 Portrait Oil Painting in Museum Entrance Hall.
“Very Good. Good afternoon out.” Honda Goldwing Club.
“Most interesting talk by owner. Very interesting cars.”Austin 10 Drivers Club Ltd.
“So much history to every vehicle. Feel privileged to visit.” Civil Service Motoring Association.
“Excellent. A Must See.”Twyford Round Table.
“Fabulous collection. Superb, I will return.” Friends of Brooklands
“Words can not explain our congratulations.”Watford Classic Car Club.
“Wonderful - a privilege to visit.” Chobham Bus Museum.
“One of the most interesting places I have been to.”Solent Overlord Executive.
“Brilliant, seems to get better every year.” Teacher, Montem Primary School, Slough.